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NOVA MousePad

NOVA. Boost Precision of Your Gaming Mastery!

The new gaming mouse pad featuring optimized mouse tracking accuracy, premium materials and vivid RGB lighting. Available in 2 sizes: Extra Large 800x300mm and Small 350x250mm.


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Stella ARGB Fan

STELLA. Lit Up Your System With Stellar RGB Lights!

Meet STELLA – the new 120mm Dual Ring ARGB Fan!


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Lumen RGB RAM Cooler

LUMEN. Make RGB Simple & Cool!

GELID Solutions unveils LUMEN – the new RGB RAM Memory Cooling Kit featuring easy setup, fully automatic RGB mode and broad support of standard and low-profile DDR3/DDR4 RAM.


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LGA1200 Support

LGA1200 Socket Support

All current CPU Coolers that support LGA 115x are also compatible with the new LGA 1200 socket, no additional mounting kits or accessory upgrades are required.


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Black Diamond

Black Diamond. Robust Gaming Station with Top-Grade Materials & Enhanced Cooling

Meet BLACK DIAMOND! The new Mid-Tower ATX Gaming PC Case featuring tempered glass panels, direct front vents, full-fledged watercooling support and up 6 optional 120mm/140mm fans. Build your system on solid foundation!


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Battle Station X

Battle Station X. Craft a new home for your gaming rig!

BATTLE STATION X is here! The latest Mid-Tower ATX Gaming PC Case featuring tempered glass panels, versatile layout, front & top watercooling radiator mounts and up 6 optional 120mm/140mm system fans.


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Zentree Marble. QC 3.0 USB Quick Charging Station

GELID Solutions unveils ZENTREE MARBLE – the luxurious USB charger station featuring the latest technologies to dock and quick charge your mobile devices.


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Apex Vertical Mouse

APEX. Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

GELID Solutions unveils APEX – the newest wireless vertical mouse with elevated ergonomics and human-centered techniques.


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FlexLight RGB. Myriad Vivid Lights

GELID Solutions unveils the FlexLight RGB – the latest LED strip for gaming rigs and computer workplaces.


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SubZero M.2 XL. A perfect mate for your SSD

GELID Solutions unveils the SubZero M.2 XL – the newest cooling kit for the M.2 Type 22110 Solid State Drives.


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Phantom Black Giveaway

Phantom Black CPU Cooler Giveaway

We’re giving away Phantom Black to 7 lucky winners. Come and grab yours!


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Hardware.Info Award

June 2020 Great Value Award from Hardware.Info

Rev.4 Tranquillo and Phantom Black CPU Coolers are highly recommended by Hardware.Info and given June 2020 Great Value Award in the massive 62 CPU Cooler Roundup!


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APEX Reviewed by

APEX Recommended by

APEX Wireless Vertical Mouse is thoroughly tested and comes recommended by Polish tech site


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FlexMount Duo Giveaway

FlexMount Duo Giveaway

We’re giving away FlexMount Duo Dual Monitor Arm to 5 lucky winners. Come and grab yours!


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Sirocco Unboxed and Tested gets hands on with Sirocco RGB CPU Cooler and explores its vivid functionality in the unboxing and detailed testing.


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Phantom Black

Recommendation from

Our Phantom and Phantom Black CPU Coolers are highly recommended by Italian tech site


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FlexMount Duo on the Radar of Dr.Caos

FlexMount Duo Dual Monitor Arm comes under analysis by Spanish tech site Doctor Caos and earned a spot as “a perfect option for anyone in pursuit for improving workplace ergonomics”.


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New Recommendation from Enos Tech

Our SubZero M.2 XL SSD Cooling Kit comes recommended in the in-depth test on tech site Enos Tech!


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February 2020 Excellent Award from Hardware.Info

Radiant and Radiant-D RGB fans are given Feb 2020 Excellent Award in the massive 35 RGB Casefan Roundup by renowned tech site Hardware Info!


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5-Star Award from HWReady

FlexMount Duo Dual Monitor Arm is given the 5-Star Award and Buy Recommendation from Italian tech site


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GP-Ultimate. 15W/mK Ultimate Heat Conductivity Thermal Pad

GELID Solutions unveils the GP-Ultimate – the cutting-edge thermal pad series for GPU, Laptop, Game Console and industrial applications.


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Recommended Award From Enos Tech

Phantom Black CPU Cooler performs very well and comes recommended in the deep-dive testing on Enos Tech.


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Recommendation from Sakhtafzar

Our latest FlexMount Duo Dual Monitor Arm is tested and highly recommended by tech site Sakhtafzar.


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GP-Extreme and GP-Ultimate Highly Recommended by Enos Tech

Our GP-Extreme and GP-Ultimate Thermal Pads are highly recommended and given the Must-Have Award in the detailed review on Enos Tech!


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Must-Have Award from Enos Tech

GELID Sirocco is tested on all sides and given the Must-Have Award by tech site Enos Tech.


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FlexMount Duo

FlexMount Duo. The fine art of dual-monitor setup

GELID Solutions unveils the FlexMount Duo – the newest dual monitor arm featuring enhanced ergonomics and supporting screens up to 34 inches wide.


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Phantom Black on Tweakers

GELID Phantom Black top picked in Benelux!

Phantom Black CPU Cooler is ranked No.1 on the largest tech website Tweakers and chosen to make your Mainstream Game System cool & quiet in November 2019 Desktop Best Buy Guide.


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Techgaming Award

CODI6. New Award from

CODI6 Programmable ARGB Controller is tested on and given the “Best in Class for Price/Performance” Award!


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CODI6. Six Channels of RGB Mastery

GELID Solutions unveils the CODI6 – the latest 6-Channel Programmable ARGB Controller Kit based on open source controller board and featuring easy coding for countless RGB effects.


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Unboxing Treatment Award

New Recommendation from Unboxing Treatment

GELID Sirocco performed outstandingly as a single-tower CPU cooler and is given “Recommendation” Award on Unboxing Treatment.


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